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Young Scientist Award


Due to the pandemic we have a lack of young scientists participating in this year’s Congress.  Thus, the Young Scientist Award will not be awarded this year. 


The Korean Association of Medical Technologists (KAMT) is the sponsor of this Award. 

1 prize of 1000 USD
2 prizes of each 500 USD

The purpose of the IFBLS Young Scientist Award is to encourage IFBLS associate members to present their scientific work and recognize their scientific contribution at the IFBLS World Congress.

The prize is awarded to young scientists below 35 years old. Applicants must login to their participant registration and indicate their date of birth.

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Judging criteria

Good Poster Award

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) is the sponsor of this Award.

The purpose of this prize is to recognize IFBLS associate members, for their initiative and creativity in a poster presentation and to promote the objectives of IFBLS and to encourage members to submit posters for the World Congress. The poster may be an individual or group effort.

ASCLS will be sponsoring 3 Good Poster Awards.  Each of the winners will be able to choose from the on-demand educational programs (all recorded) that took place this year EMC2 (Emerging Manager Conference) 2021, CLEC (Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference) 2021, and JAM (Joint Annual Meeting) 2021.

The prize will be presented during the Closing Ceremony of the World Congress.

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Judging criteria

Mechanics of the consideration