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Watch: Eske Willerslev's TED talk - Why Human History Teaches us to Travel

The clues to our history, our heritage and our evolution are hidden in the genes of our ancestors. Could two groundbreaking inventions that have catapulted the human imagination have been discovered simultaneously in different locations? Or is the secret to our evolution our ancestors' migration?

Eske passionately recounts that it was the travels of our ancestors that changed the world - let him inspire you to pack a suitcase and journey out in the wide world of adventure"

Eske Willerslev is known worldwide for his groundbreaking research in ancient DNA, which has re-written history on multiple occasions.

Drawing comparisons to Indiana Jones, Eske has travelled the most remote places imaginable, finding clues about out past in the hair of 15,000-year-old corpses. For his ability to communicate his complex findings in an understandable manner, Eske has been awarded the prestigious Danish Rosenkjær Prize.