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The Scientific Committee - who are they?

Zahra Partovi Nasr

"MSc in Health Science and BSc as Medical laboratory scientist. I have a solid knowledge and skills of epidemiological, quantitative and qualitative principles, research methodology, laboratory techniques, analysis and development. I have several years of practical experience of working with clinical and research projects. My Interest for IFBLS2020 is my motivation for contributing to the presentation of the essential role of the Danish medical laboratory scientists in the field of care, technology, research, education, innovation and management in the Danish health system and Danish public health."

Katja Kemp Jacobsen

"I am a lecture at the Copenhagen University College, where my main responsibilities are within the research environment. I am also a biomedical laboratory scientist, have a MSc degree in health science (can.scient.san), and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology. My main research areas are within screening, DNA methylation and lung cancer, and different areas within the Department of Clinical Biochemistry e.g. comparison of methods and pre-analysis.

The reason why I joined the committee was that I am interested in the development of biomedical laboratory profession into evidence-based practice. In addition, I think the profession have huge possibilities in developing a much stronger research tradition as we have so much data (e.g. from bachelor projects) that could result in published articles. IFBLS2020 is an important event due to development of our profession. Furthermore, I think it is going to be fun. I also participated in IFBLS in Florence 2018."

Gabriella Lillsunde-Larsson

"I am a registered biomedical laboratory scientist, PhD, with a current position at Örebro university where I work as a senior lecturer at the School of health sciences. I work part time at the department of Laboratory medicine at Örebro university hospital where I coordinate education and training for my colleagues and I also have many ongoing research projects in the area of human papillomavirus (HPV)- induced cancers.

Further, I am the vice president of the Swedish Institute for biomedical laboratory science (IBL) and we want to empower biomedical laboratory scientists by, for example, supporting continuous professional development and increasing our professions visibility. As a member of IFBLS, I have participated in meetings and conferences, where I have had the opportunity to meet many foreign colleagues and together exchange ideas to advance and promote good scientific laboratory practice."

Kathrine Overgaard Foss Jensen

"I'm very interested in education, both the basic and the lifelong learning and development in the field of our work. Daily, I am a clinical supervisor at the department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet Blegdamsvej. I graduated as Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in Aarhus 2007 and in 2016 I got my master’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science in Gothenburg. My path to the scientific committee of IFBLS 2020 goes through my membership in the development group for Clinical Biochemistry in Dbio. I'm 40 years old and live in Copenhagen."

Louise Hjortsø Oldenburg

"I work as a union representative at Odense University Hospital, located in the middle of Denmark. I am 43 years old. I am a part of the organizational committee, in the union, that works with, among other things, education of representatives both union and working environment. I am currently half way through a diploma in leadership, which gives me a unique insight in my own potentials as a leader."

Helle Just

"I finished my education as Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in 1988. I then worked at a clinical biochemistry department and got two kids before I in 1997 joined the first class of students in Master of Health Science at Aarhus University. I did my PhD defense in 2006 and am now working as Department Biomedical Laboratory Scientist at Research Unit for Molecular Medicine, a small research lab that is connected to both Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University.”

Nanna Larsen, DEKS

"I am Master of Science (MSc) in Biochemistry, DEKS. DEKS is the Danish Institute for External Quality Assurance for Laboratories in Health Care. I have many years of experience in research, development, daily laboratory operations and quality assurance within health care. In DEKS I am responsible for professional development as well as several external quality assurance (EQA) programs like hematology and HIL-index and interference."

Michael Werenberg Mikkelsen

"My background is a bachelor’s degree as a biomedical laboratory scientist and a master of science in biomedical technology. I've been head of department at the Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET Centre at Aarhus University hospital since 2012. I'm excited about the possibility to put the spotlight on some important issue: Agile continuous professional development, laboratory management in a ever changing healthcare system and how we prepare the next generation of biomedical laboratory scientist to handle the increasing complexity of working in the field of biomedical sciences! My main areas of interest is nuclear medicine and molecular imaging as well as management and education."

Evy Ottesen

"I am Senior Head Biomedical Laboratory Scientist at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. I have more than 25 years of management experience and have managed laboratories within four different medical specialities. It has always been my goal to generate development activities for biomedical laboratory scientist, make visible their work and their results. I, myself, am driven to create innovative solutions in the form of total automated solutions in laboratories. I have worked towards having top positions in the organizations occupied by the leaders in the fields and having them contribute to the development of the profession. I have attended several IFBLS Congresses as both a participant and as a keynote speaker. 

This is my first time working in a scientific committee, but I am looking forward to creating a scientific program that reflects the high quality of biomedical laboratory scientists’ work and showing that the profession is developing worldwide. The Congress program should reflect that biomedical laboratory science research has reached new heights."

Lisbeth Koch Thomsen

"During my education to BLS I was involved in student activities through dbio, as well as through the UC, including revision of the BLS education in Denmark. After graduation I worked for 1,5 year at the University of Copenhagen where I acquired a lot of practice with molecular biology methods. Since September 2017 I have been enrolled at SDU studying a Master of Science in health science, alongside working as a lecture at the BLS education at University College Absalon. I am very interested in new methods and techniques within the profession as well as the education of current and future BLS."

Tanja Würtz Jørgensen, LSB

"I am a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist teacher at the Department of Pathology at Odense University Hospital Denmark. My qualification for being a part of the scientific committee IFBLS2020 is my experience with research projects as a teacher and planning conferences as a board member at the Society of Laboratory Medicine for Biomedical Scientists in Denmark (LSB). I will give my best in the scientific committee to make it possible to present a wide range of research and development projects by Medical laboratory scientists all over the world in Copenhagen 2020."

Marianne Nielsen, dbio

"I participate in the Scientific Committee, as the project manager for IFBSL2020. I work as a consultant in The Danish Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists (dbio) with focus on Continued Professional Development (CPD). I finish my education as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in 1987 and hold a MSc in Biomedical Laboratory Science from Lund University in Sweden and a PhD in Neurobiology from University of Southern Denmark.

I have mainly worked with research but also have experience as a laboratory manager and have worked in a private company as Region Application Manager in an Asia, Pacific Export Department. My last work place before I joined dbio, was at the BLS education at University College Absalon, Denmark, where I worked as for 8 years, with the last position as Docent with focus on Personalized Medicine."

Martina Jürs, dbio

"I am the President of The Danish Biomedical Laboratory Scientist Association (dbio). I have been a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist since 1993 and have worked at clinical biochemistry laboratories in Denmark, at Thule Airbase, Greenland as well as in a private company, Medinet APS.

Since 1991 I have been active in the work of dbio, as a student, in the laboratories and as Vice-president and now President. My passion is the profession and the development of all aspects of the profession. I am very honored and proud that Denmark has been elected by IFBLS, to host the 34th world congress in 2020. I look forward to a great event, where Biomedical Laboratory Scientists from the whole world will Join the lab race and get together for a celebration of science and research."

Mette Thomsen

"I am trained as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in 1980, in Thisted. During the years I have worked with blood tests and analysis and research, including animal experiments. In 2007 I was elected President of the Danish Biomedical Laboratory Scientist staff in the region of Midtjylland.

I have been preoccupied with the development of the profession, most recently the transfer of tasks from the hospitals and to patients in their own homes, new methods in molecular biology and the area of nuklearmedicine and scannings. At the same time ensuring development of the basics within biomedical laboratory science. I am also concerned with ethical dilemmas in the meeting with patients and in relation to new methods. I look forward to meeting Biomedical Laboratory Scientists from all over the world."