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Take a dip in the harbour

Sluseholmen Harbour Bath

3,4 kilometer by bike from Bella Center

Ben Websters Vej 69
2450 København SV

Harbour bath Sluseholmen is a small but beautifully designed area with swimming facilities in the southern part of Copenhagen’s harbour.

The bath consists of a protective lagoon like  area for swimmers, divers and children with four pools: a children's pool, a youth pool and two pools for exercise and diving. Lifeguards overview the facilities. Admission is free.

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Biking in Copenhagen

Rental bikes from Donkey Republic are available just outside Bella Center 

Copenhagen is best explored on two wheels and we're here to help you do just that by guiding you to some of the best bike rentals, bike routes and other sorts of inspiration for your bike ride in Copenhagen. And maybe even beyond the city limits if you're adventureous.  

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Copenhagen Running Guide

Copenhagen is a great city for running! Plenty of running routes, that will take you past historic sites and let you enjoy the scenery. We have parks, lakes, forests and seaside, so there’s no excuse to let the running shoes stay at home!

Try for example the Amager Fælled or Kalvebod Fælled which both runs close to Bella Center.

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