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Roche Diagnostics is one of the world’s leading providers of diagnostic systems for hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ practices. We lead the industry in the development of diagnostics products for cancer, cardiac health, infectious diseases, women’s health and in diabetes management. Diagnostics informs 70 percent of clinical decisions, including the prevention, identification and treatment of diseases, and are a critical part of modern medicine as care becomes more personalized. Roches’ diagnostics reduces costs by diminishing subsequent health problems, reducing hospitalisation and avoiding unnecessary treatment. The future of sustainable healthcare depends on diagnostics.




The ability to understand the everyday life of the individual bioanalyst and pathologist is absolutely essential for Axlab. We have our roots in the world of the laboratory and visit the pathology departments of the hospitals as often as possible to experience the challenges of everyday life up close.

And it is with this valuable knowledge as inspiration that we deliver the advanced technological solutions that are not only crucial for the laboratory’s efficiency but also ensure an optimal working environment and the highest possible quality in the analysis work. For the benefit of both staff and patients.



BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories.



ILS has for the last 27 years provided reliable and efficient instruments as well as reagents, accessories, support and technical service for hospitals and industrial laboratories. We ensure our clients maximum benefit and great satisfaction in working with the products.
ILS provide following:
• Clinical Chemistry
• Critical Care
• Coagulation
• Autoimmunity
• Electrophoresis





The SARSTEDT Group develops and produces instruments and consumables for medicine and science and is one of the world’s leading suppliers in this field. Its portfolio of more than 2700 products includes the S –Monovette® Blood Collection System, laboratory and hospital supplies, system solutions for transfusion medicine and medical research. The portfolio of Sarstedt’s well established laboratory automation section is enlarged in 2020 with Tempus600® - a system dedicated to one-touch handling and lightning fast transport of small clinical samples. Tempus600® help to significantly reduce the total turnaround time and commence patient treatment earlier thus saving time and resources.


T&O LabSystems

T&O LabSystems offers automation solutions for sample handling in medical laboratories and phlebotomies. 
“By automating the process of sample handling we improve the turnaround time and optimize the workflow and work quality ”.




AH diagnostics

AH diagnostics is a leading supplier of innovative products and workflow solutions to customers within life science and diagnostics – 30+ years of experience in providing specialized knowledge and support.


The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC)

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is the gold standard of certification for laboratory professionals world-wide. With over 560,000 certified individuals since our inception in 1928, the BOC continues to set a high standard for quality and continuing competency.



Diasorin AB




HaemoMedtec produces world's first kiosk- and queuing-system - SBQSystem - delivers pre-labeled tubes to outpatients.
See also our brand-new cart incl. robot at the exhibition. 


Hettich Labinstrument

Hettich has for more than 20 years offered quality products from Greiner Bio-One, Hettich GmbH and Memmert GmbH to Danish hospitals, laboratories, biotech and pharma industries.
We also offer high quality service for our products and other brands.







Kem-En-Tec Nordic 

Kem-En-Tec Nordic – Competent Bioscience since 1987. Supplier of diagnostics, immunology, protein chemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and NGS products and instruments.


Krüger Aquacare

Krüger Aquacare has together with ELGA has Denmark’s strongest program within water treatment.
We are absolute specialists in the engineering, service, and support of water purification systems.


LABEX of Scandinavia



The LumiraDx Platform is an innovative, next generation point of care diagnostic system that combines a small, portable instrument, advanced low cost test strip and seamless digital connectivity.


A/S Ninolab



Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

A global leader of in vitro diagnostics for over 80 years, our purpose is simple: to improve and save lives with diagnostics. It’s what defines us. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics delivers the high-quality in vitro diagnostic products that give healthcare professionals around the world the knowledge they need to make treatment decisions sooner.

We serve the global Transfusion Medicine community with donor screening and blood typing products to help ensure every patient receives blood that is safe, the right type and the right unit. We also bring sophisticated information management, testing technologies, automation and interpretation tools to Clinical Laboratories worldwide to help them run more efficiently and ensure exceptional patient care.

Please speak to us today and find out how Ortho can help your Lab deliver the very best patient care.  Because every test is a life.



Siemens Healthineers





Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

The Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is an internationally leading tertiary referral centre for the care of patients with diabetes. Clinical and basic research match high international standards. 


suPARnostic® by ViroGates

suPARnostic® is a prognostic inflammatory biomarker that reflects the level of activation of the human immune system. A low suPAR level indicates a good prognosis and supports the decision to discharge the patient.


Sysmex Nordic ApS

Sysmex Nordic ApS is a subsidiary of Sysmex Europe GmbH. We are among Europe’s top laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies, and the global leader for haematology diagnostics and service.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific are the Immunodiagnostic experts, developing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative blood test systems to aid in the diagnosis and management of allergy, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.



Triolab is dedicated to our customers, and represent some of the world’s leading suppliers of clinical diagnostics and life science products, both within IVD and research. 


Validation Manager

A software service making instrument and assay verifications/validations easy and fast. Digitalizing, standardizing and automating all the time-consuming manual work in projects, without spreadsheets.